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About Us

Finsie is the financial services marketplace for everyone. Our members find qualified professionals who help them make better financial decisions. We don't sell your contact information. You don't pay more with Finsie. We recommend services and pros that match your needs. Finsie stands for trust, transparency, and prosperity.

What is Finsie’s mission?

It is Finsie's mission to help you find the right fee-only financial professionals for you. We are guided by these principles:

Trust - We make unbiased recommendations.

Unbiased recommendations point you to advisors who can answer your questions and offer the services you need. Your personal information will never be sold.


We disclose our advisor’s fees and how we charge them for our services. You’ll be able to see how we make money.


We help you define and achieve your financial goals so that you can focus on living your best life.


We help you find the advice you need to reach your financial goals.

How Finsie works

Search our financial advice services offered by highly qualified pros.

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Find the right professional

Step 1

Choose from an ever-growing list of financial services offered by over 100 experienced, fee-only financial advisors.

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Schedule an initial meeting

Step 2

Find the perfect time in your schedule. Book a free consultation in seconds.

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Meet online

Step 3

You will meet the professional in a private, virtual meeting room. Discuss your subject in the security of your own home or office over a secure connection.

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Get the answers you need

Step 4

Get advice from a fiduciary - who is not trying to sell you anything - and the guidance to make the right money moves.

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Your Happiness is Our Mission

Step 5

If you are unsatisfied with your professional for any reason, we will help get you back on the right track.

Services we provide

Financial planners

Retirement planning, college planning, budgeting, debt management, homebuying, and intergenerational estate planning.

Investment Advisors

Asset allocation, fee-only portfolio management, and employee stock option advice.


Tax preparation and filing, tax optimization strategies, audit defense.


Estate planning, trust formation, business formation.

Career Coaches

Executive coaching, career transition and acceleration.

Insurance professionals

Life, home, auto, health, and disability policies.